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How to Play 1 to 25

The board contains 25 squares which you must fill with numbers. You can drag a number from the side onto a square. You must fit all 25 numbers onto the board following two simple rules.

The 'next to' rule:

Each number placed must go next to the previous number. That can be the square
above, below, left or right as well as the four diagonal cells.

The 'edge' rule:
'Next to' Rule
'Next to' Rule
Any number placed must be aligned with where it came from on the edge of the board. Numbers on the left or right must be placed along the rows. Numbers from the top and bottom must be placed vertical in their columns.

The corners point diagonally across the board.
So each number has only five places it can go.
Your task is to fit them all in using these two simple rules.
Edge Rule
Edge Rule

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