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This puzzle was a pleasant surprise for everyone at Syndicated Puzzles when the “Concept” was first discovered. The best way to classify the game is a puzzle whereby not only all the parts are presented, but also the possible placement locations are also limited to a maximum 5 spaces as well. Our initial concern was that the puzzle might be way to easy. Everything is in plain view causing us to question the difficulty level of the game.

Our testing ( pencil and paper) of 1 to 25 revealed something astonishing immediately. Roughly 50% of our test players were able to manipulate 1 to 25 elegantly and with great confidence. Some were able to connect all 25 numbers without making a single mistake. This group really enjoyed 1 to 25 because they felt at ease with the puzzle as if it helped them relax. For this group 1 to 25 could be described as “ comfort food “ They felt right at home.

The best test comments:

“I would love to solve 1 to 25 each morning before I start my crazy day at work”. “ This puzzle would put me in a good mood to start my day”
“I have no idea why I am so good at this puzzle. I am able to visualize the snake that is hidden deep in the grass of the puzzle.”
“The puzzle is easy for me but please don’t change a single thing.”
“ I will fit in 5 minutes somewhere in my day to play 1 to 25.” “ Probably when I want to get away from my work.”
“I love the simplicity of how 1 to 25 unfolds in front of me.” “ I start the puzzle at both ends
and work towards the middle numbers.”
“ That makes the puzzle interesting for me “

Now to the other 50%.

Wow, this group really works very hard to solve 1 to 25. It is a real challenge for them, simply because the patterns don’t pop out of the puzzle for them. We had no idea that this simple puzzle could be such a challenge for certain people. Some of the puzzles were returned to us with the paper burnt from all the erasing that took place to solve the puzzle. To our surprise the struggle to solve this puzzle was actually very appealing to this group. I guess they really understood that this simple puzzle exposed some of their biggest weaknesses. ( Pattern recognition, spacial and 3 dimensional thinking, sequencing)

The best test comments:

“This puzzle really is hard for me.” “I am not a puzzle person at all.” “But 1 to 25 is simple enough that I hopefully will keep on solving them.” “ I really think they are good for me.”

“I really wanted to fly through the puzzle but I kept running out of room.” “I would make great runs only to find out that the solution wouldn’t add up. After several puzzles I realized I had to slow down. I will continue solving the puzzle until I get better.

“1 to 25 exposes some of my greatest spacial inability's.” “It is a fun way for me to work on them.” “ I tried jumping on the Sudoku bandwagon, but the tires kept breaking off.” “1 to 25 is different for me.” “ The solution is in front of me I simply need to put it back together again.” “I am able to do that successfully.”

“ I promise I will get better at this.” “ Can I get some more puzzles please.”

“ Now this is a puzzle I can manage.“ If I can’t solve the puzzle I have no one else to blame.” “The solution is right in front of me.”

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